Print and Share Selected Images


Every edition of Featured-Creatures offers a lot more than just content. We are very pleased to help kids be able to create personal collections of captioned prints of many of the featured marine creatures. In addition, subscribers can easily share designated photographs in every edition with friends and family through commonly used forms of social media.

Make Prints of Designated Images

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High resolution files of two pictures in every edition of Featured-Creatures are available for downloading and printing. We specifically size the color images in the downloadable files so they can be printed on a 4x6 inch piece of paper (photo paper that is available at many retailers provide the longest life and highest quality photo). A caption is provided for each image, and it will accompany the printed image. Photos can be used as “trading cards” “flash cards”, inserted into a photo album, or any number of additional options.

You will see this icon, print icon, below the images in each edition that can be printed in high resolution.

Share Images with Friends and Family

Additionally, in each edition, several designated photographs can easily be shared with friends and family via various forms of social media. 

To share a designated image, all you need to do is click on the share icon, share icon, below the image and follow the simple directions and prompts to send the image on its way.