Created with Kids in Mind


Consisting of still photographs, video clips, and text, the content in each edition is fun and educational. Spend a little time with school-aged kids, and it usually won’t take long to learn that they have a keen interest in marine life. We want to fuel their fire, and the content in every edition is created and presented with this in mind.

made for kids

We think it important that you know our content is fact-based and age-appropriate. We are proud that the still photographs and videos have been created by award-winning photographers of international acclaim, and the text is edited by a former elementary school teacher. You can see their biographies HERE.

Kid-Friendly Features

1While images in the body of an edition initially appear in a relatively small size so that they can fit on the screen of a computer monitor, tablet, or smartphone, the pages can be easily enlarged.

2Two designated images in each edition can readily be made into 4-inch by 6-inch prints. Each print comes with a caption. Prints may be placed into a photo album enabling a child to create his or her own personal collection of spectacular images of marine animals.

3Designated images in each edition may be shared with friends on social media by simply clicking on an icon that is associated with the specific image. This gives children a reason to talk with their friends and with the adults in their lives about their interest in marine life.

Please take a look at the sample edition entitled “Something Fishy” to see how the elements described above are incorporated into each edition.