Give a Gift; Create a Bond


Giving a subscription to Featured-Creatures helps create a strong bond between the gift giver and gift recipient. And the strength of that bond will grow over the course of the subscription.

Gift hero

Here’s how that works:

giftboxAt the time a gift subscription is purchased, the gift giver receives an email “gift box” like the one seen here to send to the recipient, and can type in a personalized message to the recipient.

The personalized message serves as a reminder that the person giving the subscription cares about them and that the two share a common interest. In addition, the gift giver can choose to receive the same editions at the same time. Now, the person giving the subscription and the gift recipient have something new to share with each other.

To view an edition, just go to Click the green Editions Login button on the top right corner of the page so the subscriber can log into their account. The editions are always available for online viewing throughout the subscription period.